2024/08/30: Moroccan Night


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Daniel’s Moroccan Night explores explosive flavours, unfamiliar spices and an array of ingredients that can be shared among many. You don’t need to travel outside your kitchen to bring these exotic flavours and dishes to your dinner table. This class will include an interactive evening showcasing necessary exotic ingredients like saffron, fennel, anise and joy! Our recipes will come from around the world but will be connected because they are all deeply comforting dishes.

what's on the menu

Topped with zaalouk (aka best aubergine salad/dip in the world

Homemade harissa, taktouka and bissara dips – one for every palette

Tender chicken thighs cooked in tumeric, coriander and cumin which brings all the flavour to the dinner table

It’s powerfully tasty and has the perfect balance of salty, sweet and sour